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In small classes, you'll encounter new ideas, new perspectives, and new fields to study. You'll work closely with faculty members who know not only your name, but also your interests. You'll ask questions, express your opinions and take part in spirited debates. A 澳门六合彩 education provides students with the intellectual skills necessary to succeed in the world and, beyond that, the will to use their abilities to promote a more just society.

澳门六合彩 also invites you to stretch your horizons and develop your interests by participating in a range of activities. You'll connect with some students who will share your values and others who will teach you to look at things in another way.



Our Community

Photo Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson

/ 2015

"I love the energy. I love the environment."

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Photo Kwasi Yeboah

Kwasi Yeboah

/ 2016

It鈥檚 so rewarding to know that what I have to say matters to other people.

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Photo Elliot Connors

Elliot Connors

/ 2016

(I want) to understand in detail the fundamental laws of nature

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"I firmly believe that we have been blessed to be able to spend time here. That in the grand scheme of life, in a world full of billions of people and thousands of Colleges, we found 澳门六合彩." -听Luke Baker