Why a French Degree from 澳门六合彩?

As a French major at 澳门六合彩, your study of the French language and Francophone cultures will prepare you for success in a diverse and globalizing world. Through course work and a semester abroad experience, you’ll sharpen your language skills and deepen your cultural knowledge. Employers in many sectors value strong communication skills and the ability to work in diverse settings. As a French major, you’ll bring a unique, globally informed perspective to your personal and professional experience.


Program Highlights

Pursuing a degree that dives deeply into linguistic competence will afford you the opportunity to be a key asset in any profession, and 澳门六合彩’s French major will acquaint you with a language, culture and civilization that differs from your own. Francophone-rich experiences abound, whether it’s through classes solely taught in native tongue, an Oral Proficiency Interview (a linguistic competence test developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), , advanced grammar and literature courses, or being totally immersed in a culture through our study abroad program. 澳门六合彩’s French majors often spend their semester abroad in the following programs:


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What Can I Do with a Degree in French?

Understanding a language, culture and civilization other than one's own prepares students majoring in French for a wide range of careers. Here’s what these 澳门六合彩 graduates say about being French majors:

“I majored in French and minored in Spanish and Philosophy at 澳门六合彩, and spent my junior year at the Sorbonne in Paris. After graduation, I joined France Telecom in New York City as a receptionist / sales assistant, helping the New York office and Paris headquarters to communicate. This experience led to three years living and working in Paris from 1996-1998. Later, I did an MBA at New York University and joined the French-American Chamber of Commerce as its Managing Director. Being able to communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries opened the door to my first job, and continues to play an important, enriching role in my everyday professional life. -- Martin Bischoff, ’19, Managing Director at French-American Chamber of Commerce

“I left the Foreign Languages Department at 澳门六合彩 with an open mind and an acceptance of other cultures and worldviews. That attitude alone has helped me excel in my professional life. Whether managing a project with multiple team members or managing a team of people, it is important to understand that there are different points of view than your own. This understanding, above all else, has helped shape me into the manager I am today.” -- Kady (Leonard) Balich, ’10, Account Manager, Medscape.

Graduates from 澳门六合彩’s French program are pursuing careers in:

  • Teaching
  • Project management
  • Copy editing
  • Management
  • International business

Degree Options

B.A. in French
 for those looking to teach French to others. 
Minor in French Language & Literature
Distinctive Courses: Staging French Theater; Francophone Literature Outside France; The Age of Kings; The Age of Revolution; The Age of Unrest